Education Couture is on a revolutionize the way the learner receives instruction; specifically combating deficits in literacy as it pertains to the foundational skills. In response, we have developed a proprietary  Therapeutic Music Plan (TMP).


Education Couture's Therapeutic Music Plan (TMP) is an Arts Integration program that seeks to be a figurative "booster shot" to traditional literacy instruction. Using multiple modalities of coaching, the plan serves to address the varied landscape of learning that takes place in the general education classroom, as well as to scaffold learning in the diverse, individualized, non-integrated specialized setting. Designed to couple with traditional instruction; the TMP is meant to be a supplemental tool that can be used for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. CCSS aligned, this program is intentionally varied in its' design to be intermittently hard--seeming sometimes easy, other times challenging-- it is "easily rigorous."


Via the arts, this program utilizes proprietary songs and engaging art projects to be a vehicle of fun reading foundation reinforcement. Choosing to incorporate therapy, with an approach we call "lit learning"-- this plan aims to take into account not only the social-emotional aspect of learning but also strives to address and remedy the negative stigma that dictates that school and learning are lame. Education Couture's Therapeutic Music Plan loftily aims to bring "learning into fashion". Also, it is worth noting, the TMP coaching model employs the scientifically proven benefits of promoting a positive, nurturing, loving and encouraging learning environment. The Therapeutic Music Plan is ultimately seeking to be a dynamic and rewarding reinforcement of foundation reading skills through the creation of art, music and positive play.

We are committed to reaching those students who have fallen through the gaps. Our mission is to provide a quality arts integration curriculum, which will aggressively and creatively increase the literacy rate by empowering students with the essential foundational skills to read, eliminating embarrassment regardless of their age and grade level; which in turn will decrease the achievement gap.