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Arnold Hoskin Excitement for EDU Fund

This initiative is dedicated to its namesake, Arnold Hoskin a sage white-haired man who championed education. He was a passionate lifelong learner, active in his community, and loved to give back. He believed learning was a luxury that created endless opportunities. He was a proud resident of Englewood, a graduate of CPS, having matriculated from Tilden High School, and also was a former CPS teacher. It is with him in mind that we seek to inspire and encourage students to keep learning!


In November of 2020, Education Couture, NFP launched the Arnold Hoskin: Excitement for EDU Award. This award was created with the purpose of engaging and encouraging Chicago Public Schools students via the LuxLearner LeaderBoard Challenge, a gamification challenge in which active student participants can monetize their hard work in their education.

In December of 2020, we piloted a soft launch of the LuxLearner Leaderboard Challenge. Awarding 32 students with the Arnold Hoskin: Excitement for EDU award totaling a total of $2,250. Given this award was created in the legacy of Arnold Hoskin, who was born and raised in Englewood--these prizes went directly to students residing in that neighborhood. Additionally, we sparked engagement amongst students, school staff, and parents/guardians with over 225 responses.  

Education Couture has recently restarted the initiative for Quarter 3. We expanded the number of prizes and the number of schools participating. The goal is to provide this award quarterly until funds are exhausted, however, and with your generosity we will be able to make this an ongoing student engagement drive.

Help encourage student engagement with additional incentives for students' hard work by supporting the Arnold Hoskin: Excitement for EDU Award. 

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