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Welcome to Education Couture, a not-for-profit organization specifically designed to teach and strengthen early childhood literacy skills through our proprietary and culturally relevant  

We are committed to reaching and serving the most vulnerable student populations. As we believe, your zip code should not predetermine your destiny!

Our Story

What started as a conversation about the community evolved into a curriculum for the culture, and thus Education Couture, NFP, was born. The name was chosen because it ties into both the culture's love of fashion and our mission to make education just as cool as--things like fashion and music! Organized as a not-for-profit corporation, Education Couture, is working for the collective refashioning of the way we, as a culture, view learning and reading. Everybody reads. Everybody succeeds...and our goal is to do it all stylishly. Because, at Education Couture, the most in fashion thing to do is learn.

Educating oneself is always fashionable!


The Mission

At the heart of our organization lies a steadfast commitment to revolutionizing early childhood literacy education. We dedicate ourselves to a holistic approach that weaves together the richness of cultural awareness, the spark of creativity, the foundation of core educational standards, and the development of confidence-building skills. Our primary goal is to significantly increase the number of children reading at grade level, particularly in underserved communities. We strive to dismantle the stigma associated with requiring additional literacy support, turning our focus towards engaging even the most disengaged learners. Our vision is a future where every child is equipped with the literacy skills essential for lifelong success, fostering a world where knowledge, understanding, and opportunity are accessible to all.

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