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Lit Socials

Education Couture's Therapeutic Music Plan (TMP) is an Arts Integration program.

Via the arts, this program utilizes proprietary songs and engaging art projects to be a vehicle of fun reading foundation reinforcement. 

Lit Socials is a marriage of the TMP and Social Media. We wanted to provide parents and caretakers with family phonics opportunities that spotlight literacy while also providing a bit of family fun via social platforms that we spend time on anyway. Check below for current happenings.

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Lit Socials Challenge

Read and Write  Social Media Challenge

Creators and Choreographers, we want to see what you've got! 

Grab your family and join the challenge. Use the "Read and Write" song by Education Couture (available on all platforms) to create an original dance for a chance to win a prize.

Timeline: Now-May 31, 2023


  • Grand Prize: $300.00

  • First Runner-Up: $150.00

  • Second Runner-Up: $50.00


Click the icon below for the official contest rules:


  • Instagram



Lit Social Resources

Lux Learner Learning Channel

We are excited to launch the Lux Learner Learning Channel on YouTube. Check out our introductory video that kicks off with our Ambassador Lux Learner Chase and Mommy Chanel. They are showing us the Edu Couture x Lux Learner way of learning the alphabet.  Check it out below:

Alphabet Fun

Lux Learner Social Site

We want to build a community for parents and caretakers who share the same mission we do--to create more Lux Learners. By helping students to understand that learning is a luxury...and that the foundation of all learning is literacy.  Join the waitlist to access complimentary resources and discount codes for paid resources.

Soundboard Symposium

Caretakers and family members are children's first teachers!


Imagine how far your little ones can go if they receive systemic reading instruction both at home and at school-we want to help make this possible.

We're thrilled to announce that we have partnered with the UIC Neighborhood Center in Auburn Gresham to provide our Soundboard Symposium learning workshop exclusively to community members.

This pre-reading series is designed for caretakers with children between the ages of 3 and 7. Participants will make their own SoundBoard and receive access to the corresponding songs and an easy-to-follow curriculum. This program is valued at $244.00 but free to participants. 

Dates coming soon

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